Erin Gould

I am in a liminal place as an artist and as a human; I am between an abstract, gestural, independent sculptural practice and a research-based, narrative, collaborative, process-oriented way of working. I am deeply invested in bodies; as an eating disorder survivor and a person living with a chronic degenerative autoimmune disease, I am aware of my body in space, my corporeal fragility, and the perceptual pliability of my physical existence.

This focus on the human body, on my body, is moving toward a focus on the bodies of others, particularly the bodies of trees and other vegetal lives, and what we have in common. What is it like to be a tree? How does time feel when you live in the same place for hundreds of years? What does it feel like to perceive light with your entire body? How can I attempt to learn from them?

While asking these larger questions, I am working toward creating empathetic, reciprocal relationships between myself and particular individual more-than-human beings and bringing these relationships into my work without abandoning the processes and aesthetics developed in my previous works.

I am standing at a threshold, I am becoming something different, bigger, broader, than I have been. It is exhilarating and terrifying.

Erin Gould is a multimedia artist working primarily with sculpture, video, and performance. She is currently attending the University of New Mexico to attain her MFA in sculpture and participated in the Land Arts of the American West program in 2018. Before moving to Albuquerque in 2017, she lived in Santa Fe for four years after finishing her Bachelors of Art degree at Colorado College in 2013. Living with a chronic and painful autoimmune disease and surviving a decadelong eating disorder fed Gould’s interest in how we perceive and live inside our bodies and how our bodies sometimes seem to live without us.



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Kyle Farrell, Alex Gill and Jordan Eddy, co-directors of Strangers Collective and the No Land art space, curate this exhibition of emerging artists and writers at form & concept. The show represents a network of early career creatives, starting in Santa Fe and spiraling across the nation.